AT Controls

About Us

AT Controls Pty Ltd was formed in 2004 to provide high level AMX control system programming services to the AV industry. The principals of the company are Keith Austen and John Turner who combined have over 30 years experience in programming AMX control systems.

AT Controls works predominately with AV dealers and installers to provide total or support programming services. We are ACE Accredited and have provided services to all dealer levels. We have teamed with both the largest and the smallest dealers in Australia and New Zealand.

Due to its success and penetration into the AV market in Australia, AT Controls opened an office in Melbourne in July 2008.

Our knowledge extends far beyond the AMX programming world which provides us with an intimate understanding of integrated systems. Whether it is Corporate, Education, Network Operation Centres, Museums or Smart Homes, AT Controls has the expertise to completely understand every aspect of that system. We therefore are able to provide a “complete” control system package to suit the client’s needs. We often think outside the box to provide solutions that otherwise seem impossible.

We place significant emphasis on the design and implementation of User Interfaces (Touch Panels). Since this is the single point of control for most systems, we understand the importance it has in delivering a simple and functional solution. It is part of our charter to watch and learn how people interact with technology and use this knowledge to improve our solutions.

AT Controls develops and utilises most of its software. This gives us total control of delivery and allows us to diagnose and fix any problems should they arise - We do not pass the problem along to a third party. All of our development has adopted the AMX “SNAPI” (Standard Netlinx Application Programming Interface) standards to allow our modules to integrate with AMX control solutions such as the RMS Suite of products and other third party solutions.

AT Controls does not retain ownership of source code to any system it writes. The source code is forwarded to the dealer/contractor upon completion of the project. We do protect our modules from unauthorised use. However, since the source code is provided, the client is not locked into using us to provide upgrades or changes. We prefer our clients to use us by choice, not because they have to.