AT Controls

Our Team

Keith Austen (Principal)

Keith has worked in the AV industry for 19 years and has a vast knowledge of AMX and Audio Visual. As a part owner of BRE Communications from 1988 to 2004, working on the engineering side of the business. Keith gained an extensive understanding of design, development, implementation and commissioning of Audio Visual systems. Keith also designed and commissioned audio systems, specialising in conference audio. Keith is recommended by Production Audio (Clearone) and Audio Products Australia (Biamp) to provide these services under the AT Controls umbrella. Since joining John Turner in 2004 to form AT Controls he has been part of an exciting team that designs and produces high end programming solutions with a “holistic” approach.

Notable Projects:

Australian Stock Exchange
Re-location of ASX to Bridge Street in 1999. Eight independent Audio Visual rooms ranging from small meeting rooms to a custom Video Conferencing room to Exchange Square and 300 seat Auditorium with integrated Video and Audio Conferencing. All systems communicated with each other via a custom RS422 network which provided the ability for any system to be connected to any other system. This project was rolled out with a team of 3 programmers.

Westfield head office has a number of executive offices, meeting rooms and a boardroom all integrated and controlled by AMX. Keith designed and implemented all control software for these systems and worked closely with the client to provide a custom and personalised solution. Keith also commissioned the Audio Visual and Audio conferencing systems in all of these rooms. Keith joined forces with John Turner (Theatre Technology) to provide an executive instant messaging system that provided seamless integration of two way messages between AMX touch panels and secretary PCs. The first version of this was rolled out in 2002.

John Turner (Principal)

John has worked in the AV industry for over 15 years and also has a vast knowledge of AMX and Audio Visual. John started his own company called Theatre Technology in 1985 and since 1995 has been providing AMX solutions to the AV Industry. John’s company Theatre Technology, change its name in 2004 to AT Controls when Keith Austen joined in partnership. John has a special ability to think “outside the box” to find solutions that otherwise may not be obvious. John specialises in programming of Smart Homes and has worked on a number of these in the past few years.

Notable Projects:

University of Western Sydney Macarthur:  Lecture Theatre 1, 5 and 6
This system involved multi panel controls with an in-lectern Touch Panel controlling a Video distribution system, Audio system, Data/Video projectors, Video cameras, Multi slide projectors, Film projectors, Screens, Blinds, Houselights, CD Player, Cassette and Visualizer.

Commercial Club Albury
Control and interface of 18 zone Background Music and Paging System on a Crown IQ audio system via Touch Panel.

Private Home
This was a specialised home which provided Voice Control for a Quadriplegic via AMX. It controlled the lighting throughout the home, motorised doors, 3 TVs and VCRs, Stereo system inc; 25 stack CD, Cassette, Laser Disc, Cable TV, Intercom, House Alarm, Telephone & Emergency Call.

The Matrix (Filmed at Fox Studios Sydney)
John provided all the AMX programming during the filming of this movie. The AMX system controlled
44 x Colour Active Touch Panels with Video Feeds, 17 x 15 LCD Monitors, Video distribution using a 48 x 64 way Video Matrix Switcher, 30 x VCRs, Sony SP, 7 x Animation Computers and 8 x Camera feeds.

Mark Joseph (Melbourne Branch)

Mark joined AT Controls in July 2008 when our Melbourne branch opened. He has been working in the AV Industry for the past 6 years and prior to that he worked in I.T. working with small and large companies specialising in networking. Mark started AMX programming in 2003 and has attended AMX Programmer 1, 2 & 3 plus Touch Panel TP4 courses. Within the past 5 years Mark has headed up the programming for Dr Audio in Melbourne. As a programmer for Dr Audio he has worked on many different products and installations which gave him a great grounding for the variety of work undertaken by AT Controls. Mark also has experience with many other control products such as RTI, Nevo, Marantz, Zantech, Sonance & JED, to name a few. Mark also ran his own business for some time which gives him a great understanding of customer needs and what it takes to complete a job. Mark manages the Melbourne branch.

Vivien Showyin

Vivien has been involved in theatre for a number of years and prior to joining AT Controls worked in the Audio Visual department of The University of NSW. Vivien has an extensive knowledge of Audio Visual and is our principal Graphical User interface designer/programmer who brings a fresh approach to this field that sets AT Controls apart from other providers. Vivien has a graphics background which allows for User Interfaces that are not designed by engineers/programmers.

Matthew “Mush” Taylor

Matthew has been involved with all facets of AMX since AMX landed in Australia. Matthew has extensive experience and training in electronics having attained an Electronics Trade certificate and an Advanced Certificate in Electronics and Communications. Matthew worked at BRE Communications under the guide of Keith Austen for many years. After returning from travelling abroad he setup his own independent AMX programming and installation company, “Mush Programs” in November of 2001. His company provided AMX programming, design and installation for AV Companies as well as end clients in both the corporate and residential markets. During this time he also worked in the broadcast industry at Network 10 where he joined as an Electronics Engineer and after several promotions, became Engineering Supervisor. Matthew has a great deal of experience with AMX and AMX programming which provides a greater depth of knowledge to our company.

Ari Carter

Ari joined the team in August 2009 taking over accounts and office management. Ari brings a wealth of experience in small business, administration and customer liaison having run her own small business for many years. Her ability to manage day to day business as well as implement new systems makes her a valuable member of the team.