AT Controls


Netlinx Studio

AMX programming is at the heart of what AT Controls provides for its clients. Depending on your needs we can provide programming services in the following ways:

  • Complete design and programming
  • Programming only of a designed system
  • Supply of modules only
  • Supply of Touch Panel design only
  • Programming of certain components of any system to allow your programmers to work on core coding

This allows your company to focus on what it does best. Our experience is diverse; from small systems to 76 connected systems across 32 floors of a large corporate headquarters.

AT Controls often works with companies that have their own programmers but have a need to “up scale” to deliver on projects. We are happy to work in any capacity to fulfil your programming needs.

Programming of an AMX system is critical as it is responsible for total control. Good programming allows a system to seamlessly control every aspect required in a friendly and intuitive way.