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Touch Panel Design

Modero Touch Panel

It is a common and unfortunate mistake that the touch panel design is often the final consideration of many smart home or smart office systems. Often a touch panel is the only way in which people will interact with your system and many factors must be taken into consideration early in the process.

A touch panel must match the aesthetics of its environment so that it complements its location perfectly. This is affected by colours, the choice of straight lines or curves, and the selection of photographs and images that complement the design. In addition, the system should be simple to use and functional - people should not need a degree in computer science to make a video call or watch a DVD. It is important that people should be able to interact with a system intuitively.

The touch panel design process commences at the same time as the system programming, and AT Controls has staff that specialise in touch panel design. Often this will involve meeting with the end users, and looking around the space with a camera to record important details. For a corporate system we will also examine logos, brandings and existing systems to ensure that everything looks perfect.

Designs may go through many revisions with input from the client and end user to ensure that the touch panel is an excellent and lasting ambassador for the rest of your system.